Friday, November 11, 2011

Review: Black Color Matte Dull Polish

Hello lovely ladies! Last 3 months I was contacted by Jessica of BornPrettyStore and they expressed their interest in letting me review one of their products. As a novice in nail polish and other related to nail stuffs, I gladly accepted their offer to review some of their Matte Dull Nail Polish. I'm very new to nail polish because ever since I start blogging I have never painted my nails colored except for colorless one just to put some shine on my nails. I am pretty much excited to try this product since it's matte and I love things that comes in matte like eyeshadows and lipstick.

I have been longing to really have a review post on this nail polish but my nails are not compatible or not that good to apply this because I have really short nails and I hate it. I have tried applying this nail polish on my nails but didn't look good that's why I removed it and never thought of posting it here. The only way for me is to buy fake nails so that I can paint them on using this one. The long wait is finally due because I have it on my nails a while ago and so far so good.

F.A.B Blog  positive thoughts:

My thoughts for this nail polish are, it came in 58g weight with 12ml of nail polish in it. it's very matte and dries up really quickly. I noticed that with one coat it can create thick polish. The consistency of this nail polish is thick so when you coat your nails with just one coat, it can give you nice polish. The packaging is cute just like you can imagine nail polish packaging of Chanel.

F.A.B Blog negative thoughts:

None at all. I like this nail polish.

Rating: 5/5 stars

Dull Matte Nail Polish comes in other colors which you can choose from, a price tag of $3.88 and can be purchased online from their website HERE (Born Pretty Store ships worldwide).

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