Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Craving for these babies

Hey everyone! It's 2 days to go before Christmas Day and what's a good celebration to celebrate Christmas is to be with your loved one be it your family, friends and special one. I'm extending my Christmas wishes to all my readers both from Philippines and other foreign countries.

This will be a post the items that I really want to have and I know it may seem too much from you but I know I can have them all slowly. And I promise, I will get them on my hands before 2012 ends.

1. SkinSonic System- I've been really eyeing on this ever since I saw this from Say of . I've seen the result and that made me want to have this even more. I've been battling with my acne scars, oiliness and all that stuff and I want a system that would help me to clear out any imperfections. I know SkinSonic will be a great help because of the following criteria:

2. Nude on Nude Palette by NYX- this is the perfect dupe for Naked palette by Urban Decay and aside from the fact that its affordable compared to Naked palette, it also has these lip colors beneath the eyeshadows which is convenient enough for the users and all shades are neutral too that's why it is very usable.

3. Brush Holders- this I call brush holders because of the holes on it. I think this can absolutely hold brushes too but either way this holder is very useful for those who are looking to hold their things be it makeup brushes or etc.

4. Sleek makeup Palette- I've been really eyeing makeup palettes from sleek ever since I saw Sara Hassan of used them in some of her blog reviews and even created a look using that particular sleek palette. Any sleek palette will do as long as I have the brand sleek because I really love sleek even though I still don't have one from this makeup line.

5. Z-Pore- After graduating college, my biggest problem then until now is how to make my pores appear less obvious because everytime I look closely in the mirror I can see open pores and that's the reason why I am very prone to having acne aside from the fact that I have oily type of skin. I wanna have this Z-pore which some bloggers are talking/raving about because of its work.

6. Meet Matte (The Balm)- You may not know all but I'm not really a fan of shimmery eyeshadows and I prefer matte eyeshadows because it has no fall outs (?) or maybe I'm an oily type of person that's why shimmery is not just for me but either way I like matte rather than shimmery and I want to have this palette from the balm called meet matte. It's a catchy name! :)

7. BeautyUK Soho Palette- another palette of eyeshadows! I'm a certified eyeshadow person although I don't wear them on a daily basis but instead I love to collect them and collect a lot more! This I love because of the bright colors and esp the orange color (love orange). I just can't get over of this palette.

8. Sigma Brushes (Bunny Collection, Vegan)- these brushes are to die for! I mean who wouldn't want to have brushes that are vegan. We know that Sigma brushes are famous and every girl wants to have brushes from Sigma. The first time I saw this Bunny Collection it made me squealed because I seriously love this set! The bristles, the color and everything about these brushes. This came in black also called Mr. Bunny Collection but I love pink and blue combination (so feminine!).

9. Nude'Tude (the balm)- here's another palette but this time its nude or neutral shades. Somehow similar to nyx nude on nude and naked palette. It has 12 eyeshadows that gives you dramatic and neutral eye look.

10. WnW Palette- This I think is new from wet n wild and I guess these are matte too. I really hope WnW is available here in our place because their products are amazingly affordable!

11. 88 Cool Matte E/S Palette (BH Cosmetics)- another palette of eyeshadows! You really can't tell how obsessed I am when it comes to eyeshadows right? This I've been wanting to have when I started watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and saw beauty gurus using them.

12. Naked 2 Palette- the most raved palette by Urban Decay. I can't believe how this was sold very fast when it first came out but good thing they have restocked it because a lot are still raving for this palette. I wanna have this too!

13. EcoTools Brushes- aside from being an eyeshadow addict, I'm also a makeup brush obsessed too! I love brushes esp when I know that they are fluffy and soft and will not hurt your face when you use them. I love these brushes from ecotools because they are environment friendly, the have the cutest handles too! I just love that kabuki brush!

14. Makeup Cosmetics Holder- this I think is perfect for protecting our things form dust. It has covers where you can store your powders and other beauty essentials from dust. The good things too is that it is transparent which is convenient enough where we can see directly what we are looking for.

15. Canon T3i 600D- many of you don't know that when I'm not giving my time to makeup, I spent my time taking photos and when I take photos of my makeup products, I use my sister's Touch DigiCam which has soft focus and making the background tad blurry. For me, I want to have this DSLR because I want to have better quality of photos and plus it can be use for filming and the good part is this DSLR has flip touch screen where you can see yourself when filming.

16. iPhone 4- Lastly, I want to have iPhone 4. I don't care if its 4 or 4s as long as it's iPhone. The first time that Apple released their iTouch back when I was in 1st year college, I was really envy of having this phone. So I promise to have one next year!

So these are the things I really want. I'm crossing my fingers that next year I will have one or more of these slowly by slowly. :)

Merry Christmas everyone!