Saturday, March 3, 2012

Diary Post: Mother-Daughter Date

Ola ladies! Today I will be blogging about my date none other than with my beloved Mom. This post will be something new because obviously it not a beauty related one so some of you may find it boring or what not but I still want to blog this because I want to add this "Diary Post" here in this blog.

Last Saturday, me and my mom went to Cubao Gateway because we are meeting an online seller to get the products that my sister bought from her. While waiting we went to Pancake House and because I love pancake, I never insisted nor think twice because I miss eating pancake!

And I ordered...

Vanilla Milk Shake in Regular. Oh how I love Vanilla <3

My mom behind this glass.
I'm drooling because of this Shake! It's so tasty!
My mom ordered pancake with blueberry...

How can this pancake not tempting at all. NomNom~

So my mom is kinda addicted to coffee so as with Tea. She ordered tea from Chatime and here's what she ordered..

I'll definitely come back again Pancake House!

So have you tried eating at pancake house? Tell me what are your favorite food from them and what have you/will you order amongst the 3 milk shakes flavor?