Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cosmetologie 2012 Experience:Day 2

Hey everyone! So here's my second day experience during the Cosmetologie event that was held last Feb 21-22 2012. I was not supposed to go there because the bloggers that I was with during the first day didn't go but my emotion is pushing me that I should go because it's last day and Say of Makeup by Say Artillero will be there and I wanna see her again. I already met Say last year at SM City Manila but because I really like her, I wanted to see her again for the second time around.

I was waiting for Say because I have something to give her. I love giving random gifts just specially when I really like that person. When Say arrived, she was with Sabrina ( and Andee ( I saw Say at first so I approached her and gosh the ladies were so tall that I really felt so short standing next to them.
Sabrina and Andee :)

I'm with Say, Pinay version of Michelle Phan. :)

It was really nice to attend the Cosmetologie event and I've seen a lot of new trends about makeup, hairstyle, and etc. Here are some of the photos during the event that I have captured.

The Top 3

and the winner is...
From Cagayan De Oro! The boy in centeris the winner.

I saw Fanny Serrano too

So yeah that's my experience to this year's Cosmetologie! 
Have you been to this year's Cometologie? :)