Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cosmetologie 2012 Experience: Day 1

Since I started blogging I never had the chance to attend any special events like any beauty bloggers had. I always want to attend events related to what I blog because in that way I can learn new trends and some do's and dont's and also to socialize with other people. The main reason why I can't attend to any events is because of my location which is I'm located to the last Island of the Map of the Philippines-Mindanao but I am proud to be Mindanaonon.

I've been here in Quezon City for 1 month and 15 days  and so far my stay here is pretty doing good because I can process some of the essential papers that I need to do. I am so happy that I got the chance to attend this year's Cosmetologie plus I finally met my co-beauty bloggers which is also the reason why I want to attend these special events because of them. Find out who I met in this year's Cosmetologie Event.

So this year I got the chance to attend the Cosmetologie 2012 and it was really a fun experience being with my co beauty bloggers and meeting new people. Aya and I met up together at Trinoma and went together to SMX because I don't know where SMX is located and since it was my first time to go to SMX I had to be with someone who knows the location so well and luckily Aya lives in Fairview so we had no problem where will gonna meet since Trinoma is just near us. "Sorry Aya kasi na-late ako ng dating."

Beauty and Minerals/Digital Traincase Booth

Beauty Pro Cosmetics

Beauty and Minerals Booth

DermClinic Booth

LA Colors Booth

Orly and NYX Products

NYX Eyeshadows Buy 1 Take 1

After that we had our lunch at past 2pm and we had it at Bon Chon, Korean restaurant so I was happy to eat there because it's purely chicken and it's a Korean Resto (kpop fanatic).

I wasn't able to take a photo of the food that we ordered because I was like so hungry. I love their chicken here and will definitely return. ;)

Me, Aya (,Janine ( and Gellie (

So happy to meet you girls! 'Til next time..maybe on the SuperSale Bazaar this March hoping to meet you again and the other bloggers as well.