Sunday, March 18, 2012

Summer 2012 Giveaway

Summer is here or not yet? Well either way I have good news for all of you lovely ladies! It's been over months since I had my giveaway and that was last year. Since summer is here, I would like to have something for all of you this summer and that is another giveaway brought to us by yours truly and in cooperation with Skye Avenue and R&K Manila. The owner of this online shop was so kind enough to sponsor this giveaway and because I love you girls what else can I do but to publish it as soon as I can and now here it is.

Please do follow all the instructions found in the widget form. I will be strictly imposing rules for my upcoming giveaways so that it will be fair for those who have followed the instructions.  "Wala naman mawawala kung ifa-follow niyo yung rules" and on the other hand "mas makaka-earn pa kayo ng points" and the more points, the more chances of winning.

There will only be (1) lucky winner to win all these goodies

*Giveaway is open for Philippine residents only and this will end on the 31st of March. Please do note that rafflecopter is in EST time which is different from our time. I will announce the lucky winner on the same day and will contact her. I'll definitely have more giveaways and please do stay tuned this April as I will have another one because its my birth month! :)*

Please wait while form is loading. Spread the good news and goodluck to all! :3


Nadj <3

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