Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Arm Candies

One of the few things a girl should have are accessories. We all need accessories to dress down or dress up our outfit. Men and women have different taste when it comes to accessories "obviously" but for us girls we tend to be choosy when choosing our accessories. Some may like dainty pieces, others may like big, chunky pieces and if I'm not mistaken other girls would prefer one piece of accessory.

So my friend came up with an idea of showing some pieces she hand made because she's an artsy crafty one and she likes to make all these accessories because she's a happy camper!

So that are some of the pieces she made. My friend's name is Star and she's thinking of opening her online shop if only people will like her idea. If you think Star should open her online store, please leave a comment below if it's a YES or NO so she can decide. :)

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