Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Loafers Love

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We all love shoes and some of us girls love to collect shoes, right?
I do love shoes but not to the point where I do get obsess to it. I mean its not every week or month that I get to buy new pair of shoes just because sometimes I love to wear flip flops because its much easier to put on. In some point, I have this crazy cravings for LOAFERS!
I don't know why but ever since it came out I have this eagerness to buy a pair of loafers. I know it just a pair of doll shoes but for me its not.
There's a touch of masculine on them but its something that girls can rock on.

I've been browsing SO!Fab and CMG's website yesterday and tonight.
I love to browse online because I get to know new trends and what the likes but everytime I go browse and have this intense impulsive buying specially when my Paypal has fund, I go crazy with what to buy and all that. When it comes to browsing online, I always go to multiply because its the best site to go. So yah, back to SO!Fab and CMG I saw these shoes from SO!Fab yesterday and was really envy of these loafers.

Credits to SO!
I screencap these shoes because I can't save them.

 This is Cherimoya in Black.
Retails for 799

 Cherimoya in Orange
Retails of 799

 Miller in Khaki
Retails for 999

Miltonia in Camel
Retails for 899

CMG128-1 Teal
Retails for 2499

From SO!Fab's website, I've chosen 4 designs; 3 neutral colors and one neon orange. I'm more into neutral colors so that I don't have problem when choosing what color of top to wear so by neutral everything will look fine. I chose this orange one because I love orange and I can't deny the fact that I have stuffs that's in color orange!

While from CMG's website, I only found this cute teal color just because I'm loving pastel nowadays. The price is hilarious but you get your money's worth, I think. :)

So how about you ladies? What are some of your shoe wish list that you've been wanting to buy for the longest time but never had the chance to have it? Let me know in the comment section below. I love talking to you! <3


  1. ang mahal pala ng loafers from CMG :(

    1. Hi! Yes mahal talaga ang sa CMG pero look at the shoe, dba high quality naman tlga. :)
      Sister company sila ang SO!Fab so I guess pwd na rin na sa SO!Fab bumili :D

  2. Salam....hi nadj!maranao ka??


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