Sunday, February 17, 2013

Haul:Slip On Shoes

Online shopping has never been easy here in Saudi Arabia. Yeah I admit, when it comes to shopping I tend to be very impulsive without thinking twice whether to buy this or that. When I was in Philippines, I always browse online ( for beauty products and use my Paypal account to pay for that and it sucks because sometimes Paypal can be annoying and going to bank to pay for the amount is quite tiring also. I just wish there's an COD in Philippines so that its more comfortable and easy to shop online!

Anyhow, we "sisters" aka Nurse here in Saudi our only relax time and fun time is to browse and shop online because after a tiring duty all you want to do is to relax and sometimes think go shopping (?). Where we are staying is way too far from our current civilization compared to Jeddah, Riyadh and Makkah you can go outside without wearing face mask and enjoy your shopping day but here its so sad that every time we go out its a must that we wear our face mask. Also, the sad part, we don't have malls in here! :( We do have small stores and the brands that they sell are not known. Until one day, I discovered this online shop called "" which the items are from Turkey but I did not purchase yet because I was holding back myself and told myself that, "no, you shouldn't shop online but instead save your salary" but I just can't help it. I ordered bags, watches and etc. The website does offer flash sale which means items are quickly sold out because of the low prizes. I bumped in to another website called, "" which is based from Dubai, UAE and the very good part is COD. How cool is that?! So in this website I bought my very first 2 pairs of slip-on shoes because aside from the fact that they come in true to size, its also affordable!

First Pair is from Ginger- size 39
This must be the one I'm looking for! It's soft and I like the color because its neutral, perfect for everyday use!
*credits to for the photos*

Second Pair is from British Knights- size 39
I ordered this plaid one because I do like patterns like this. Sometimes its good to step outta the box!
*credits to for the photos*

So that's it for my haul post. I'm sorry if there were no actual photos its just because everything is a mess right now specially that we are going to transfer in our new hostel so our things are here and there. :)

Nadj <3


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