Sunday, February 17, 2013

V-Day Giveaway

Ola ladies and gentlemen! Another post from me and I'll try to update this blog every now and then. Last year I was supposed to have giveaways from sponsors that I contacted but due to busy work and no permanent internet connection the plan didn't push through but I didn't give up in fact the reason why I'm writing this post right now is because I have a giveaway in collaboration with an online beauty shop named "Make Up Box". The owner of this online beauty shop agreed last year that we will collab for December giveaway which unfortunately didn't push through but luckily she is now able to sponsor me for a February giveaway! ^__^ You read it right... February giveaway for Valentine's Day. Everyone can join this giveaway, even men can join and if you are the lucky winner then maybe you can give the prizes to your girlfriend, friend, mother, and sister.

For the mechanics where everyone SHOULD FOLLOW. I really do advise that you will follow because I will be strictly checking every entry you send. It takes a lot of time and work but its worth the effort, I tell you. :)

A MUST rules:
1. Follow this blog publicly
2. Like these facebook pages Fashion & Beauty by Ateenadj and Make Up Box
After liking, share this post including the photo on your wall by tagging our pages. "Join @make up box and @fashion and beauty blog by ateenadj Valentine's Giveaway! Would you like to join me on this giveaway @friend1 @friend2 @friend3? Please make your post public so that we can see and make it a valid entry.
3. Comment below with all of your entries including links and stuffs and also tell me what would you do to celebrate Valentine's Day and with whom you'll celebrate with.
4. Duration of this giveaway will be 3 weeks from now so by Feb 28 giveaway will end. Winner will be chosen via Open for Philippine readers only.

BONUS entry:
5. Follow our Instagram accounts and repost/regram this red photo (below) with the caption:
"V-day giveaway from @ateeenadj and @makeupboxsonja. Let's join this giveaway @friend1 @friend2 @friend3 and win these beauty items from her shop" #ateeenadj #makeupboxsonja #vdaygiveaway

Prizes to win! Giveaway is extended due to few amount of people who joined.

Nadj <3


  1. Name: Eloesita Valderama
    GFC name: Eloesita Valderama
    FB link:
    Instagram ID: iamlala_teletubbies
    Q: what would you do to celebrate Valentine's Day and with whom you'll celebrate with?
    A: Since my hubby is onboard (seaman) i'll celebrate Valentine's Day with my daughter Lorin, we will eat out and watch movie together..

  2. liv reyes
    GFC name: liv reyes
    FB link:
    instagram: liv_reyes
    instagram post:

    i will celebrate valentine's day with my husband and our son :) no definite plans yet but the idea spending the day with both of them is enough for me

  3. Belle B.
    GFC - Belle
    FB -
    Instagram -

    enjoyed my v-day with my bestfriend/bf just lounging,watching movies,cooking him food and lots of snacking on our faves. :)

  4. Nicca Marie Mancilla
    Gfc name: strawberrie al

    I don't have Instagram :(

    feb 14 2013 :)a simple date with my bf, and the last minute umiyak pa ko :)

  5. Cecille Capatan
    Gfc name: cecille.capatan

    dinner date with my Lola and Son at tapsihan and Lugawan.

  6. Name: Belinda B. Ibañez
    twitter: @bieance
    GFC : belindaibanez
    FB post:
    Twitter post:

    Enjoyed Valentines Day with my husband and kids at a dinner date.

  7. Name: Belinda B. Ibañez
    twitter: @bieance
    GFC : belindaibanez


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