Friday, June 3, 2011

BH Cosmetics Palette

If I am to describe this palette, it would be in one word only, AWESOME.I really don't know about you guys but this palette is the best thing ever that they've created not only because of the quality and the packaging but also because it's user-friendly which you can directly apply it on your eyelids and it doesn't need to be sprayed unlike other makeup eyeshadows that you need to spray them with water in order for them to pop out. BHCosmetics have the best eyeshadow palette ever, well aside from CostalScants which I also love and I wish I could have this one in my makeup collection, because if you're a make-up artist then you shouldn't be late enough to have this amazing palette.

So I asked my tita who's now in Dubai if she can buy like this for me and she told me that yes she will but I have to use it and not just for display because it will be expired once open. She told me also that once she bought the items that I told her she will send it to my cousin who's going home very soon and because of that it made me happier and much excited. She works in a spa and because of that she know what type of skin products I'll use, and she also know what type of skin I have. Yay for that items I'm waiting for.

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