Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 1 of 5 Days Neutrogena Challenge

Neutrogena 5 Days Challenge

Day 1 (June 3, 2011)

Here are the skin dehydrating activities I did today:

1.Skimping on sleep—I slept at almost 2:10 am because I needed to edit my blog since I’m having problems with the Google ads I installed plus I wanted to change my header and the layout of my blog. I had to figure out what’s wrong with the ads that it’s not even working out properly so needed to stay up late and decided that I need to sleep because my eyes were already giving up. Oh and because of skimping on sleep, my skin is breaking out!

2.Stressing over work—Since our internet café is back to operate and serve internet users I’m getting back to the activities I’m doing before like too much exposure to radiation because of the monitor and all these close-open doors that the dust is coming in and when I arrived at home I still have to face my laptop and do some work. This really gives me stress causing me to breakout easily.

3.Staying in an air-conditioned room—Always!!! When I arrived at home, after eating and watching I went to my room and turned on the AC, washed my face with my daily facial routine (Clean and Clear product) then applied my Eskinol toner and my Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Gel treatment which I’ve been using for almost 2months now and the result is pretty good except that it doesn’t heal the acne scars. So yeah the AC is turned on for 5 hrs which made my skin dehydrated causing me to breakout.

4.Prolonged Sun Exposure- I guess I was exposed but not really exposed. It didn’t really took hours of exposure to sun since I was dropped off here at our café by our driver. So the only time I was exposed to sun was when I step out from the car and walked on through our café. Does that count?

5.Skipping Lunch-I did skipped my lunch because I was really not in the mood to eat plus there’s no way I can buy not too much of the price food, since I’m not yet employed and our café just started operating so I don’t have my own money. But I had my snack at like 3pm, ate piattos in sour cream flavor, which I love so much. And also, I'm on the process of reducing my weight to an IDEAL weight and if I eat too much then I’ll be guilty.

Skin Observation: As what I've observed on this day, it became more oily even if I'm still doing my daily facial routine but I think it's still not enough and I need to change or add my facial routine products. Even in the morning my face really gets oily and that's what I really hate!

I don’t drink coffee plus I don’t hangout at coffee shops because I don’t have someone to hangout with, I mean I have friends but we don’t hangout that much. So overall I have done 4 dehydrating activities this day and will be counting onwards to see the progress of this challenge.

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