Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fasion # 3:Blue Vertical Outfit of the Day

Feeling great when I woke up this morning. Had a yummy breakfast alone which I prefer rather than having other people to eat with you on breakfast. Since our electricity shut down for 1 hour, my sister took all this picture for my blog! She's my official photographer, LOL!

Just a simple causal outfit for this day since I'm just staying in our internet cafe.
Got this cute stripes flat shoes at Penshoppe and the I'm wearing is from Wrangler and of course jeans is from Cliffe. Here are the pics and enjoy!

Winged eyeliner.I used my San-San gel liner

Excuse the EYEBAGS!!!

I love this lipstick much! It's from Shawill in number 04. I top it off with Shawill's lipgloss in number 11.

These are pretty much my pictures for this outfit of the day blogpost. Thanks to my sister who took all these for me. School's coming so she's absolutely not gonna take all my future outfits of the day.

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