Saturday, June 4, 2011

Snapshots of this day!

So probable my main goal is to post a video doing make-up tutorials, hauls, reviews and etc on my youtube channel but I really don't have the guts to post one, maybe I'm shy or too scared that people will criticize me.

After I finished preparing myself, I thought I could sit in front of my laptop and film a video but not to the point that I will upload it because the truth is it takes me TIME to film even just for a simple eyeliner application, even how to do my lipstick it takes me forever to film it. I decided to try one on how I do my eyeliner, my lipstick and my eyebrows but in the end I didn't upload it but I captured some screen-shots.

Showing what's in my make-up traincase. I didn't have much to show, just these only. Maybe I'll do a what's in my make-up traincase soon.

Showing the number of this Shawill lipstick in number 4. It didn't focus because I was just using my laptop webcam so hooray for the fail, Lol. About this lipstick I will have a separate review on this and maybe a screencap again on how I do it.

My eyes are done and somehow when I apply eyeliner my eyes became smaller like an eyes of Chinese. But I just love how I've done this eyelook.

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