Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 2 of 5 Days Neutrogena Challenge

Neutrogena 5 Days Challenge

Day 2 (June 4, 2011)

Here are the skin dehydrating activities I did today:

1.Skimping on sleep—I slept at almost 12:30am because of some work related to my blog and it needed to be fix asap so I stay up late, but I think it's not really the late time that I slept to work on my blog.So yeah I think this activity will always be on my list.

2.Stressing over work—Woke up early this morning and feeling stress because I lack of sleep. It gives me this eye-bags plus when I woke up this morning I felt light headed. I needed to always update my blog and because of this it gives me stress every single day causing me more prone to acne.

3.Staying in an air-conditioned room
—Always!!! It never ran out of the list because I can't really work on properly when AC is not turned on. I went to my Tita's restaurant and AC is really high that's why I went out and feel the fresh air instead of staying inside with AC on. But I don't know I just want to stay at Air conditioned room for me to be relax causing me also to have dry skin.

Skin Observation:Because of the AC that’s always on every time I work, my skin felt dry and you really know when it’s dry because you feel that tightening effect on your face, it’s because of the AC. So I felt that on my skin every night and also all throughout the day my face tends to be so oily.

Overall, I had 3 skin dehydrating activities for today. I didn't drink coffee and neither hang-out in any coffee shop, well I did but I don't drink coffee! I ate my lunch with my family. I was not exposed to sun because we used our car to go to my Tita's place.

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