Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Martino Gray Satchel ♥

Hey girls! Sorry for being MIA here in blogger. My review just started and I have to catch up because I am one month late but it's ok, Imma have to read notes on what they have discussed one month ago. 

So this post is overdue because I am supposed to blog this the moment I got them but time comes when you really get lazy to blog because you have to picture it and everything. I decided to get a picture of this satchel online because I really want to blog about this bag of mine. I have been eyeing this and wanting this for a long time and when we were in Manila, I really did grab the chance to get this and fortunately I did. I bought this one at Cole Vintage Robinsons Ermita for Php1099. I know this aint the real satchel but it depends on how you carry the and style the bag. ☺ 

Cole Vintage
Martino Gray

Details: A very trendy satchel bag perfect for everyday use. It includes a buckle fastening, long line adjustable strap and magnetic closure.

Fit & Sizing: Width 33cm Height 25.5cm Depth 9cm

Price: Php 1099

Store: Cole Vintage

I Like:
  • its perfect for everyday use, well for those who go to school
  • the magnetic button is very useful for you don't have to manually close it
  • the long and adjustable strap
  • its wide and have compartments
  • its affordable for a replica satchel
I don't like:
  • you really have to be careful when using this one because you dont want the marks of folds to stay there (like the wrinkles)
So I guess that concludes my idea about this bag. If you were to ask me, I would absolutely buy one or more satchel even though its not the original one from UK.

I'm giving it, 4.5/5 stars.


  1. Wowness. Me want one too. :P

  2. Buy na Janine! This is so like cute lalo na ung fluorescent color, ah likey! eto lng kc ntra na pwd pang everyday.. :D

  3. looks like the~ real satchel! ilike!


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