Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cardigan Zebra Print

This is my second post for this day just because I know I've been MIA here in blogger and I want to catch up in blogging too.

I love cardigan especially with prints on well solid colors well work too. I have 3 in colors black, violet and gray. Cardigans are versatile where you can use them when its raining or when you just want to spice up your outfit. ☺

Zebra Print Cardigan Long Sleeve
Don't you just love this cardigan in zebra print? Oh how I wish I can have one. I like how it gives that pop of color (orange) and you may not know how obsessed I am in color orange. Plain tank top, cardigan, black jeans, wedges and you're good to go. I jut added accessories to spice up this outfit like the bangles and bracelets and ring also this long necklace.


  1. I have something like it in pink and another one in green. I love cardigans too! <3

  2. this cardigan looks so gorgeous! I want one too! love the animal print...


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