Wednesday, September 21, 2011

That Red Checkered Top ♥

Hello lovely readers! Its been months since I posted an outfit from looklet just because sometimes I get lazy customizing or creating my own outfit using this website. But today I have 3 new looklet outfits I have created awhile ago.

This outfits are just few of the inspirations I got or read from youtube like watching my all time favorite Fashion YouTuber Wendy of She has inspired me to create some of these looks and just awhile ago I watched her video the one entitled "A Dream Come True - Tibi Show" where the fashion show was in held in New York and she met her fashion icon designer Tibi. Not only Wendy is my favorite but also there are 3 filipina fashion designers that I look up to and these are Camille Co, Laureen Uy, and Kryz Uy. These 3 are my fave fashion designers that I always check out everytime they have a new blog post.

Moving on to my blog post, here is the first outfit I have created and you can tell by in the title itself that its all about this red checkered top. Read on...

Friis & Company Case Earrings | Tommy Hilfiger Wyoming Check Shirt 
Mulberry Handbag East West Bayswater in Black Natural Leather | Levi's Curve ID Modern Slight Curve Skinny Jeans | Schuh Tauro Metal Heel Court High Heels
This one is good for casual days or even you can wear this when you want to have dinner or lunch or hang out with your friends. The one I love in this outfit is the red checkered top. I don't know about you girls but checkered, vertical and horizontal stripes are my style and tops with collars really catches my attention simply because they look formal and more casual.

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