Thursday, January 19, 2012

[Guest Post]Fashion Accessories - Latest Trends

Hello my loves! I'm so sorry if I haven't posted any beauty related posts. I want to do a video tutorial, hauls and reviews but I just don't have time doing them because I'm currently on a job hunt that's why it's consuming my time a lot more but i seriously miss doing videos and one more thing, I didn't bring my video cam and all I have is the digicam that I borrowed from my sister. But hey we have a guest blogger for today  named Melissa and she is going to share new fashion trends in accessories that you might be interested to know. So here's the post and hope you'll learn something from her.


Fashion accessories role have level up these few years not just because of popularity but because of functionality. Fashion accessories are secondary forms of one's expression. An individual can be fashionable and trendy by exhibiting his or her own unique idea and taste. The choice of clothing, style and color can tell something about a personality like being modest, practical, casual, traditional and adventurous. For trendy people, they choose the right fashion accessories to complement their whole image and as such they know the latest trends.


They come in various colors and designs. They are made from various materials such as silicone or plastic and are produce not just for teens but also for older people. Silicone is a polymer material, soft, durable, and are resistant to heat or fire. They can be matched with any outfit and worn to parties, fashion shows, gatherings and other social events. Fashion wristbands are not expensive fashion accessories. Various designs and styles can be collected and can be worn as a group at the same time.

Fashion Watch Face

The high fashionable watch face is an alternative to those who is bored with the old 24K gold watch. Time pieces with leather or metallic bracelets look very elegant and formal. Sometimes, wearing them in the beach or hanging with friends at night cannot just be right. However, these precious timepieces can be replaced with a super trendy coolest watch face design. The fashionable watch face has colorful plastic wristband that is wrap around the wrist. Examples are silicone rubber watch for women, jelly watches, silicone ceramic style watch, CZ rhinestone watches and many more.

Watch Band

This wonderful stylish watch band can be found beading such as the amber with lobster clasps claws, two strand watch band with ceramic flowers, special effect and resin or antique beads. Another style is the two-strand solid bars which are stretchable and comes with various types of wood, glass and antique beads. These watch bands come in wide varieties of shapes, colors and designs.


A rhinestone headband is a perfect fashion accessory for the hair that can be matched with a watch face, lanyard or a watch band. The newest style of headband seen is the unique and stylish rhinestone headband. The rhinestone or crystal headband can have various designs and styles and it would be glorious with a formal or semi-formal event. It can be paired with a beautiful evening gown or party outfit and stand out among the crowd.


Lanyards are fashion accessories with great style and functionality. Beaded lanyards are the newest trend for students and professionals alike. A few of these lanyards are the Jazmeer brand and assorted lot of beaded. They are great for carrying ID card holders and just hanging around the neck. They can be used as key chains, key holder or attached to a purse or a pen.

There are the latest trends of fashion accessories that have brought new styles and excitement in the fashion world. Pick your choice and enjoy these marvelous fashion craze because they are not just affordable but are also trendy, eye catching and useful.

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