Monday, January 30, 2012

Arien Bloggers Meet-up

Hey beautiful ladies! I just had to make a new blog post because I miss doing so and the other reason too is that, I had a wonderful day yesterday meeting another beautiful co-blogger. I met Jannah of and wow I was really stunned by her pretty face.

We first encounter through twitter or YouTube (not sure) but either way we got a long easily because there are things that we can relate with especially that we are both a graduate of Nursing but she's licensed and me...let's see! We are supposed to meet today, Jan 30, 2012 but was resched because I had my interview this day so we decided to have it on Jan 29, 2012 which was yesterday. I told her that we are going to meet at SM North but then she said we're going to transfer at Trinoma so that it will be easy for them to access the MRT station so I agreed since the two malls are just across each other's, I had no problem for that.

They arrived ahead of time and as for me, I was supposed to go there early but I was tempted to watch ASAP 2012 and plus putting makeup on really takes a lot of my time that's why I wasn't able to go there early. They were at Max Restaurant having their lunch and Jannah ordered me Mango Bravo from Contis, so sweet of you gay but thank you for the sweet treat. I  was standing outside Max and then I texted her that I'm already here and then she said I'll go inside. I was really shy to go in but I managed my shyness so there we met and then just the typical getting to know each other but the shyness is still there.

Jannah gave me this pouch with chocolates inside (kisses, milk chocolate and cocoa powder)

I wasn't able to take photos of the kisses because I ate them all that day. If there's one brand of chocolate that I can eat all over again, it would have to be Kisses because they're just so yummy and adorable.

Here's a photo of me and Jannah and I didn't know she posed in a wacky one.
Thanks to Bry, boyfie of Jannah for taking this photo. :)
After eating at Max, we headed to Landmark because that's the only place where we can enjoy searching for Jenny brushes that some beauty vloggers/bloggers have raved about and indeed some of the brushes are good and some are fail. Jannah is such a sweet heart that she even told me that she's going to buy brush for me so I chose this eye brush that is in angled direction and to think it is dense and affordable too!

So Jannah, thank you for this one! Hehehe! 

Here are some of the pics I took including the sweetness of Jannah and Bry :P

This brush set sells for 499.75 pretty affordable right?! But not that good quality though. I just love the case of the brushes.

Short and long handle brushes.

Ardell Lashes. I want to buy in the future because these are human hair.

Meet the ever pretty Nurse Jannah <3

And meet the boyfriend!

Lastly this would be the perfect photo but my face was covered by that kiss sticker and this extra woman applying lipstick.

Thanks for yesterdays great day! I do hope to bond with you next time. :)
Love you and God Bless :*

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