Monday, January 30, 2012

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Liposuction Surgery [Guest Post]

Hey loves! Here's another guest post from same guest that I had last week and for today she's going to share with us how liposuction works. I know some of us can't afford or won't do this procedure but if you want faster way of getting rid those fats then maybe this post is for you. Enjoy!

If you have been thinking about having liposuction surgery, are you cognizant of the changes your body will go through because of the medical procedure? Do you know what the surgery entails and how long it will take to recover? The following are some pros and cons of liposuction surgery to help in your decision making process.

How Does Liposuction Surgery Work?
On the pros side, liposuction surgery can help you obtain the type of body you have always strived to achieve. It removes fat cells from specific areas in the body you have tried to tone through exercise. If you are already in good shape, and don't want to totally overhaul your existing body, you can use this procedure. Liposuction surgery is an excellent way to get rid of extra weight below the buttocks, underneath the arm and excess fat around the stomach. It also works best on those who are young and still have elasticity to their skin. Having the procedure done at an early age also makes it easier for the body to heal quickly.

Side Effects of Liposuction Surgery:
One of the cons of the procedure is that it can leave scarring. Patients are usually able to return to work a few days following certain forms of liposuction surgery. However, scarring and bruising several months after the procedure can be a definite drawback.
In addition to the scarring, the skin could take up to six months to regain its elasticity and mold itself around the new shape of the body. This process could leave you with extra skin folds for quite some time. It's also possible that certain areas may never completely heal and a patient would have to undergo another surgery to repair the problem.
Another pro would be that liposuction surgery usually removes fat cells for good. This means that a specific area that a patient is having problems with would never have access to fat cells ever again. That alone is a positive motivating factor for most patients, plus the fact that there are so many people around the world who have had excellent outcomes from liposuction.

Liposuction Surgery for the Overweight Patient:
Liposuction surgery will not be able to remove fat cells from those who are incessantly overweight. It's only meant to take away small increments of fat from certain areas of the body. People who gain weight after the surgery will find that the fat settles in other areas of the body, which could change the shape dramatically. It's recommended that patients who are obese find alternative weight loss measures rather than liposuction surgery.

Analyze the Process:
It's important for you and your physician to go over a thorough consultation to determine if this is right for you. Make sure to voice any questions or concerns that you may have over the procedure and your recovery. The clear advantage to liposuction surgery is that you will see dramatic results quickly, you can be back to work in a short amount of time and the fat cells from that specific area are gone for good.

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