Thursday, February 2, 2012

Winnings: Curlers, BB Cream and Lipstick

I was surprised when  Yhang told me that I won a giveaway. I was really not expecting that I would win because as you know I don't believe in luck but this time I think I'm starting to believe in luck but not to the highest point. So when Yhang told me that I won I was like, what? where? and then she tweeted me a screen capture where I was really surprised that I won a giveaway from Jannah, the beauty blogger I met on Jan 29.

So yeah thank you so much Jannah and her sponsor Skyevenue! Here are the prizes that I won and oh I have tried using the curlers and they pretty work well on me except that I should have hair sprayed my curled hair so that it hold last long. But anyhow, here are the 3 items I got.

This is basically a permer. So happy that I have this :)

ecorre BB Cream. This is amazing! I will do a review about this BB Cream and share my experience :D

Naturals Korean Lipstick in Very Rose

Pretty Red shade

Thank You once again who made the giveaway possible. Stay tuned for tutorials and reviews as I have them reserved just for you girls. Sorry for lack of blog posts. I also want to share with you that I passed the Saudi Council Exam yesterday which means I can now apply for Saudi as Nurse Technician.

xx, Nadj <3