Monday, February 6, 2012

Blushers Craze

I wanna talk about the blushers that I have as of the moment. I was never a fan of blushes because as you know I really have sensitive skin and I carefully watch what I use so that my current face allergic reaction will not worsen. I didn't notice that I've quite accumulated blushers and I know that in the future these will grow just because I am starting to love blushes right now and planning to buy more of them. I was not a fan of blushes because I think that it will show up on my skin tone (medium) that's why I never got hooked on blushes and collect them.

The very first blush I owned was from SanSan called Peach Glow but I really didn't like it because it was too sheer and doesn't show up at all even if how many times I pack on and load up my brush but still I can't see the color on my cheeks. And now here's the blushers that I currently owned.

First blush is from Nichido called "cool rum". I bought this at Watsons for only 88 because they were having sale at that time so I grab the chance to buy one. The color is really great because it shows up on my medium skin tone. For medium skin tone ladies just like me, I think best shades that will really show up are Peachy Pink or Peachy shade or anything that has an undertone of orange because it will give you that glowing effect on your cheeks. But if that' snot your type of shade and you really want pink then you can use it too but don't over do it. Second is this blush from Human Nature called "petal bloom" pretty much similar to cool rum and both have the same color.

Third and fourth blush are from MAC and Ever Bilena. The MAC is called "love rock" and this is my very first MAC product that I owned given to me by my friend Maria. It has shimmers in it and such a beautiful baby pink color. I'm not into pink but let's see the outcome if I use this in the future. Another blush is from Ever Bilena called "earth" which I got for the the reason of using it as a contour for the hallows of my cheeks but I was disappointed when I got it because it is NOT matte.  

Last blushes are from ELF the one in Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder and the one is called Blushing Rose which I got as a token from Linrose for joining her contest and I also got the chance to win Sigma's F84 Angled Kabuki Brush (review soon).

So yeah that's all for my Blushers as of the moment. More blushes in the future! :)
How about you, what blushers do you love?