Sunday, February 5, 2012

Review: Myra-E Vita Glow Tinted Moisturizer

For a makeup lover who doesn't wear a lot of makeup everyday, I found the product that I can say my "holy grail" because with this can even out my skin tone and voila hide all those imperfections but with this it can't hide the bumps on your face just evens out the skin discoloration which is pretty good for me. This is available in two shades and I got the darker shade which is beige and at first I was skeptical if this shade would match my skin tone but then when I use it I'm so happy that it did match my skin. I found this at Mercury Drug Store and I think it's 135 or more than but still pretty good product because you get a lot of from the container. 

If you are they type of girl who loves to wear makeup but wants that very light weight feel on your face then maybe this one will suit you. I know this does not cover pretty well but it does cover the discoloration though and that's why I love this because I do have some discoloration on my face that I really want to cover to even out my skin color. This moisturizer has that microscopic pigments but when you apply it on your face its really not that obvious but on the other side that makes your skin glowing and healthy looking.

You may like it if:
-you just want to even out discoloration on your face
-light weight feel on your face
-protection from the sun because of the SPF 15 it has
-locally available
-sleek packaging

You may not like it if:
-there's only 2 shades available
-non-hygienic because it's not with those container that came in with a pump
-can't cover small bumps on your face

Overall I like this moisturizer and I will definitely repurchase this if I ran out it. You can purchase yours at any drugstore (Watsons or Mercury Drug). It's a bit pricey but I think it does its job pretty good. :)

Nadj <3