Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 3 of 5 Days Neutrogena Challenge

Neutrogena 5 Days Challenge

Day 3 (June 5, 2011)

Here are the skin dehydrating activities I did today:

1.Skimping on sleep—I slept at 1:17am because of some work related to my blog and I woke up late in the morning around 9:45 am, quarter to 10 but it's not enough for me because I usually wake up 10 to 11 am.This afternoon while I'm on twitter, youtube and blogger I didn't notice that I fell asleep maybe because I didn't meet my required time of sleep.

2.Skipping Meals-I did skipped my lunch just because I was too lazy to go down from my room plus we don't have decent food just the cooked fish and plain rice. Our refrigerator is near to empty which I only see water, juice, butter, spices. And besides I didn't feel hungry, just stayed in front of my laptop and blog,tweet and watched youtube.

3.Prolonged exposure to sun-Hell yeah! I was exposed to sun this morning because I need to buy load for me. I arrived at the store but they didn't have load for suncellular, so I walk again going to another store and thank God they have load. The heat of the sun just gave me headache and it's very painful when it hits on my skin. I really don't like it when the heat of the sun is just too high!

4.Staying in an Airconditioned Room-As I'm writing this my AC is turned on high. What else it's part of my daily routine and besides it's the only way that
I can minimize my headache when I know I'm about to have one. This one never really gets off the list.

5.Stressing over work-For me when I know that I skimped on sleep, when I woke up in the morning my brain is still stressed because of lack of sleep. I guess this one will always be on the list. ROFL.

Skin Observation: So this day is not really the best day for me it’s because I feel like I’m having dark circles under my eyes because of sleeping late. I think I do have dark circles under my eyes but it’s not noticeable because of my skin color which I am happy of because people can’t notice it. My face is still on the oily side and I what I really hate is I usually have pimples on my t-zone area which that area tends to get oily for me all throughout the day! I don’t use any blotching paper nor apply powder on my face because for me I’m not really comfortable putting on some powder and all the dirt is on your face. I just think I need to wash my face again and that way I can out on powder.

Overall, I had 5 skin dehydrating activities for today. I didn't drink coffee and neither hang-out in any coffee shop. I am not a coffee-person.

So yeah these are pretty much my activities for this day.5 out 7? I hope I can reach 0/7 for the remaining 2 days for this challenge. (crossed fingers)

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