Monday, June 6, 2011

Outfit of the Day # 2

Me and my sister went to Ozamis City this morning to get my statement of account. Since I want to be comfy I decided to wear just my casual outfit so that I can walk on properly without thinking what will happen anytime on what I'm wearing.And before I forgot, these pictures we're taken at my school(lobby) so excuse the odd background. So here's my outfit of the day:

I don't know if this was stolen or I did it on purpose. ^__^

Posing with my grin smile! My tshirt was given to me by my father and it has this print on, "I LOVE GREEN" which I think it refers to mother nature.Bag is my hermes one and shoes are just doll shoes colored brown and accessories are just my usual one, silver and gold hearts and I forgot what's it called

Here's the bag for closer look:

About my eyes I just did my winged out eyeliner and on my lips I wore Shawill Lipstick # 04 and top off with Shawill # 11.

While waiting for the cashier's office to open I decided to take a random pics but I'm gonna post only one for this and just to kill my boredom.

On our way home and took some pics again! I'm a vain one. LOL!

This cap covers my entire eyes. can't even see properly because of the shade on the top.


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