Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Top 4 Fashionistas

Hey everyone!  Pardon me if I'm missing out here in my blog and hope you won't get tired of checking my blog. I have pending posts and I still have to take photos of the products that needs to be uploaded in my new blog post which will probably be posted next week or this weekend. I missed blogging and this is the only hobby that I love to do aside from tweeting and tumblogging

So anyway, I'm just going to talk about the 4 fashionistas I love to check the most because every time they have a new post, I never fail to check them out. In fact, they are in my blogroll so that i'll never miss out new posts from them. I'm not a fashionista person nor a makeup professional but every time I read blog that it's all about fashion, I come to think of what if I do it like her style and etc. I just love how they mix and match and everything from plain to print, from head to toe and everything!

First of is Dulce Tejeda or known as Dulce Candy both on YouTube and web because of her feminine style. Dulce always dreamt of being a school teacher. Now 24 years later she teaches millions of followers on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter her beauty and fashion secrets. With currently over 100 million views on YouTube, Dulce Candy has become one of the top fashion and beauty icons for the social media generation. Dulce Candy accredits her independence and strength as a woman to her experience in the Army. In 2006, as a personal challenge to herself, Dulce impulsively decided to join the army working as a Mechanic. Although her experience in the Army was a positive and rewarding one, Dulce found herself becoming very defeminized; wearing the same uniform day in and day out and not being able to display or express her passion for fashion. It was finally in 2008 when she quickly discovered that the internet was a tremendous outlet for her to express her femininity and love of fashion. One evening, Dulce came home from a long day at work took off her uniform, turned on the camera, and just began talking about nothing other than girl stuff; makeup, fashion, and shopping.   Consequently the phenomenon we now know as Dulce Candy was created.

Secondly, Wendy also know as  Wendyslookbook both on YouTube and her Fashion Blog.   Wendy find inspiration in art, nature, culture, architecture, food, people, and music. And for me, fashion is a compilation of all that. Fashion is a vehicle for me to play with shapes and colors in order to uncover my personal style. Even though I’m inspired by images I see on the runways, I’m more captivated by images I see on the streets. Like music and art, fashion and style are forms of creative self-expression, where each of us are architects creating unique designs and looks.. Throughout my sophomore to senior year in college, I volunteered as a counselor at the Berkeley Free Clinic providing mental health services to the homeless community and also as a visiting teacher at Harding Elementary working with underprivileged students.  After college, I continued to work with marginalized communities, mainly as an educator.  I volunteered at the San Francisco Juvenile Detention Center, working with incarcerated youths in the maximum security unit, for over a year and a half.   Most of these youths, like me, were from broken homes and/or foster care.  I taught the high school curriculum with the goal of helping these youths pass the high school exit exam, so they’ll have a second chance in life once they leave juvenile hall.

Camille Co would have to be one of my favorite fashion/stylist blogger of all the fashion bloggers in Philippines. I simply love her style, her beautiful face, her cute voice. I once heard her voice in one of the videos I've watched and it's so cute! Camille Co is a full Chinese and a graduate of Ateneo de Manila University last 2009. She's the owner and designer of Coexist a young, high-street RTW line for women. 

Here's my last fave fashion/stylist blogger, Kryz Uy. I'm not sure if she's Cebuana or not but either way I like her. Those smiles are just so beautiful and her petite size. Kryz is a graduate of Ateneo too and she's a Freelance Stylist, Freelance Writer and an occasional model. Don't you just like that smile that brightens up your day?Well, I do! ☺

So you've read my Top 4 Fashionistas- 2 from California and 2 from Philippines. I want to meet these ladies and have picture with them. These ladies are my inspiration in life and I may not become like their body sizes, rest assured I will pursue and work hard so that I can be successful as they are now.