Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tutorial: How I do my Eyebrows

Hey my loves! Do you have thick or thin eyebrows? For me, I used to have thick eyebrows like almost becoming unibrow because of the thickness. But last year I started plucking my eyebrows because I get jealous of those girls having beautiful arched eyebrows. At first pluck it was way too painful and I can see the redness where I plucked because its first time and it was not actually me who first pluck my eyebrows because I still don't know how to do so like where to pluck and etc. As time passed by, I learned by myself to pluck them without any assistance from others and I even pluck my sisters' eyebrows.

So in this post I am going to show you how I do my eyebrows on a daily basis. How I do mine is completely different from others because we all have our different preference on how we like to do our eyebrows. I do mine nothing special and it's how I'm comfortable with it. :) 

1. Comb your eyebrow so that you can see where to pluck first
2. Start plucking on the bottom part of your eyebrows following the natural shape of it.
3. Outline where you want to have arched and start this on the bottom part of your eyebrows.
4. Line your bottom eyebrows using a eyebrow pencil or eyebrow cake powder
5. Start filling in the sparse area of your eyebrows and depends on your preference if you want to have thick or thin eyebrows
6. Comb through so that the products will be blend and to make it more natural
7. If you have Dark hair go for light color eyebrows and if you have light hair go for dark eyebrows color.

Products mentioned in the video:
*IN2IT eyebrow cake powder in 01
*HBC Eyebrow Duo Pencil (php17 @ any HBC store)
*Spoolie brush (suesh)

REMEMBER: Your eyebrows need not to be perfectly the same because they are not twins, they are sisters.

If you want to know how I do my eyebrows on a daily basis, please do watch this video below.

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