Thursday, May 31, 2012

5 Summer Must Haves

Summer is finally here, that means longer summer nights and vacations! Every summer we see different trends that we must follow. Fashion has not let us down, it’s a bold, bright and boho kind of summer. Don’t let your closet down this summer and pickup these 5 must haves: 

The Maxi Skirt: Whether you have been playing on Pinterest or perusing the magazine racks for celebrity looks, the Maxi Skirt is everywhere! Not only is extremely comfortable and great summer night option, the long flowy skirt fits any body type. What is great about the Maxi Skirt, you can find it at any store in any color and at reasonable prices. Pair this skirt with a fitted top and some sandals and you are set to go! 
Neon: We all laugh at the photos from the 80’s but I wouldn't laugh too long. The 80’s having slowly been making a comeback and they aren’t leaving any time soon. Leave your scruchies at home and focus on the colors. Anything and everything neon is back and bolder than ever. Look for neon nail polish, summer scarfs, magenta lipsticks, shorts and tops. The key is not too overdue it, allow one accessory or item of clothing be the neon. 

Cross Body Handbags: Wasn't it just yesterday we were all putting away the cross body handbags under the bed? Bust them back out, this summer this look is easy and comfortable. What is so fun about this look, it’s casual and can go anywhere. Pick bold colors or stick to the neutrals. You can’t go wrong with a cross body handbag. 

Crochet: Hello boho chic! Crochet is Lace’s long lost cousin and she is staying all summer long. Almost every store is carrying a crochet piece of some kind. You can find a lot of beach cover ups and cute tops in this lightweight but eye catching pattern. What is fun about this look is that you can wear color, pattern or style of tank underneath to really show your own personal style. 
Chunky jewelry: Remember when it comes to jewelry this summer, less is more. Chunky is in. The key is to have one piece of jewelry act as your chunky piece. If you choose a chunky necklace make sure your earrings and bracelet are less noticeable. It’s all about the statement piece! Have fun with it and find something neon.

Enjoy this summer with a casual, bright and hippie vibe. Grab a few of these must haves and have fun with it. The summer is all about letting go and having the time of your life, let your wardrobe and style reflect that. Who knew summer could be so cool!

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