Thursday, May 31, 2012

Five Fashion Trends This Rainy Season

Summer is almost over and before you know it, school has already begun. Soon enough, home works and research papers will replace your time allotted for spontaneous beach trips and random hangouts in your friend's house. Here in the Philippines, despite having the "Endless Summer" type of temperature that we have always been accustomed to, we cannot discount the fact that as the end of May approaches, the rainy season also begins. It has always been easy in summer: slip into something sleeveless and distressed shorts, and you're good to go. But how do you stay fashionable in the rainy season?

FashionProtective gear
Carry protective gear. This is one of the old man's tales. Bring an umbrella with you wherever you go. Nobody wants to be drenched in the rain just before you run for your next class. You wouldn't want to burn your skin while doing errands for your sick boss. In a country like the Philippines where the whether is rather deemed as unpredictable, everyone should always carry a foldable umbrella with them. You can also bring a cute raingear if you find it taxing to hold an umbrella. Rain gears aren't for kindergarteners alone anymore. Find one that suits your personality and age. You might find the SpongeBob Square pants-inspired really cute but your officemates might simply be annoyed.

Wear shorts, skirts, capris. People usually wear jeans during the rainy season but few realize that the hem of their pants gets soaked in the rainwater, and the water even goes up the garment. So why don't you try wearing something whose hem does not fall to the ground like shorts, skirts, or capris? Just be sure to wear something covered for the top to keep it classy and decent.

Bring waterproof bags.
Just because leather bags are made of leather doesn't mean you can use them at any given time and weather. During this season, opt for something more practical such as nylon totes. You may also want to stash in some ziplock bags just in case you need a place to put your mobile phones, wallets or other gadgets for more protection.

Wear light makeup. Whether it be the rainy season or the dry season, it is always better to wear light or no makeup unless necessary. Bacteria are easier to multiply in wet season that is why you should always keep your brushes clean and avoid too much contact between your hands and face.

Rain BootsWear fashionable boots. Of course, you don't want to soak 
those Torys in the rain or mud. So why don't you slip on something as fashionable like boots? Flip flops aren't always law-abiding when it comes to school or office dress codes and no matter how comfortable they are, you will never look good in them unless you are at the beach. Flip flops are also a choice of many who are commuting but don't you think it is much better to wear boots and save yourself from all the trouble and worry that you might have stepped into an animal's pee or something? True enough, your feet are the most abused part of the human body so protect it and take extra care of it.
Rain is often associated with depression, lethargy and tardiness but it doesn't mean that you have to be depressed, lethargic and lazy during this time. You always have to bear in mind that you can always be sunny even in the midst of the rainy season, and this will begin in the way you perceive yourself, and how you project yourself to others. The rainy season should not rob you the opportunity chance to be fashionable and to enjoy the season. To top it all, always carry with you a cheery personality and a warm smile as if to say, "No, rain, you can't bring me down."

Nicole So is a freelance writer, regular runner and a former backpacker. Her hobbies are writing, photography and travelling. Follow her escapades in google +.


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